Welcome to Classic Gymnastics. Established in Tracy, CA Sept 2005. We are the largest recreational and only competitive girls and boys gymnastics facility in Tracy.


 2020-2021 Girls Xcel Meet Schedule

Dec 18th - Intersquad

Jan 9th- Golden State Classic

Jan 23rd-Masquerade Invitational

Feb 6th Ohana's Surf Classic

Feb 20th Xcelapalooza

Feb 26th Mount Diablo Classic

March 13th Catch Your Dreams

March 27th Bronze State Championships

April 10th Silver Gold Platinum Diamond State Championships

April 30th Xcel Regionals

June 4th Xcel Nationals

Xcel Bronze Team Members - Xuria, Kinsley, Leilany, Sanai, Reva

Xcel Silver Team Members - Noor, Natalie, Sofiz, Katelyn, Bailey Katelyn, Olivia, Hannah

Xcel Gold Team Members - Trinity, Jazmine, Alana, Ava, Isabela, Sofia, Sadie, Melissa, Meghna, Makayla, Aurien

Xcel Platinum Team Members - Mallory, McKenzie, Ella, Alysse, 

Xcel Diamond Team Members - Priya

2020-2021 Boys Meet Schedule

Jan 17th - Winter Challenge

Jan 30th - Mas Watanabe

Feb 5th - Ohana's Surf Classic

Feb 26th - Mount Diablo Classic

Boys Team Members - Elijah,Oskar, Alexey, Robert