Welcome to Classic Gymnastics. Established in Tracy, CA Sept 2005. We are the largest recreational and only competitive girls and boys gymnastics facility in Tracy.


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Welcome to Classic Gymnastics  

This is a guide to help you find the right class for your child.

Parent/Tot Class - Ages 18 mo. to 3 years.  Parent, guardian, participation is required in class.  Great starter class if your 3 yr old is too shy to be in a class without Mom or Dad.
Red Level Class - Ages 3-4 year old. CoEd.  Choose this class if your child is beginning her/his first structured activity without a parent.  No Gymnastics experience or previous preschool, sports or other activities required.
Orange Level Age 6 and Under - Ages 4,5,6 years old. CoEd.  This class is designated as a starter point if your child has been in other structured activities such as Preschool, other sports that require a class without a parent. 
Orange Level Age 7 and over - Girls ages 7 and over. Choose this class if you child has a beginning interest in gymnastics and has no prior experience or minimal other sporting activities.
Yellow Level Age 6 and Under / Age 7 and over - Girls Ages 5-12.  Choose this class if your child has gymnastics experience and demonstrates good upper body strength.  Prerequisite for this class is a wall kickover the low uneven bars and basic knowledge of a Cartwheel and Handstand.
Green/Blue/Indigo/Violet - If your feel your child may be above our Yellow beginning level call our office and schedule an evaluation to determine her starting level.
Boys Level 1 Age 6 and Under/ Age 7 and Over - Age 5-18 yrs.  - All of our boys ages 5 and over will start at this level.  

Class Cheer - A Recreational cheer class for ages 6 and over. Learn basic cheers, stunting, jumps and kicks with a performance at the end of the session

Ninja - a mix of martial arts and gymnastics.  Jump, flip, and maneuver around our ninja obstacle course will building agility, coordination, and self confidence..